Liberation Literacy is a relational and hyper-localized non-profit. We strive to take back our communities by rebuilding the path of transition after incarceration, uplifting and empowering our abilities to heal, and dismantling the prison industrial complex. We utilize the power of conversations, personal experiences, and direct community action to work for and with those currently and formerly imprisoned in Oregon.


Liberation Literacy aims to be directly led and structurally driven by individuals who were formerly or are currently imprisoned, and people impacted by incarceration. To do so, our core goal is maintaining a connection and uplifting the needs of our members at CRCI. In the long term, our required non-profit organizational structure will be hypersensitive to the constant and ever changing accountability measures for our community. 

The overall initiative organized by Liberation Literacy will reflect the current needs of those at CRCI such as, but not limited to, supporting their families, roles as parents, food for their communities, housing, financial support, mental health, and trauma-informed healing. We hope to move beyond CRCI, but, until we do, our main priorities center on the needs of our current members. Since COVID-19 will significantly lower our membership at CRCI as individuals are released, we will consider expansion then.



These committees are how we organize and focus on current initiatives. To use these services or get involved, contact us.

COVID-19 Update: 

Due to COVID-19, all visitors have been banned from entering Oregon prisons since March, and Liberation Literacy has not been able to meet in our regular weekly in-person format. The effects of COVID-19 have magnified the already inherent isolation of imprisonment for our incarcerated members and their families, and we have done our best to adapt to this difficult reality. 


In the meantime, our outside group meets regularly online to discuss how we can best support our incarcerated and formerly incarcerated members, and empower each other to fight against the prison industrial complex and build community care. 


The coronavirus has affected everyone’s lives but has disproportionately impacted communities whose access to healthcare and wealth is systematically obstructed. This is especially true for people in prison and their families. Thank you to those of you who have continued to support the members of our community during this time.







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